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▣ All About CompuSystems Incorporated

posted by Gene Finley on June 15th, 2009 at 1:22 PM

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CompuSystems Incorporated

CompuSystems Incorporated (CSI) is a business that provides technology, consulting services to commericial, industrial, and residential clients for over two decades.

We do Computer Repairs to Web Designs to Training Classes  to So Much More....




   We have a "Wi-Fi Hot Spot" 

(Wi-Fi Hot Spot is just a fancy way to say that we have High-Speed Internet Wireless) 


So come on in and sit back with your labtop or one of our fast pace computers and enjoy the busiest communciation known own earth! (HINT: The internet)


Also, give us a comment on what you think we should different or how to expand our company!

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▣ CompuSystems Services

posted by Gene Finley on June 9th, 2009 at 4:47 PM

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CSI Technology Services

What CSI provide(s) for YOU :

  •  Sypware Removal, Prevention and Education
  •  Software/Hardware Installation
  •  Quick and cost effect solutions for virus/spyware issues  
  •  Firewall Configurations
  •  Hardware Failure and Security Monitoring
  •  Privacy & Security Analysis
  •  Repairs/Upgrades
  •  Custom Software
  •  Remote Support
  •  Data Recovery
  •  Custom Software
  •  So Much More  


Does your computer or someone you know require one of these services?
If so leave a comment and we will contact you know later than a day!


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▣ Web Design & Hosting Services

posted by Gene Finley on June 5th, 2009 at 1:07 PM

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 Are You Starting A Business?

Do you want to advertise your business globally but don't know how?  


 CSI WebTech offers complete website and online advertising packages—perfect for large organizations and small businesses. CSI WebTech offers everything you need to make your website successful and profitable. With CSI WebTech, you’re getting a business partner that will assist your business with Internet exposure and growth.


It sounds almost too good to be true. So to just calm down those lurking thoughts you have, here are a couple of advantages you have working with CSI WebTech:

  • Website marketing to attract interested prospects to your business.
  • A professional website designed for your unique organization.
  • Dedicated team of professionals eager to assist you.
  • CSI WebTech has a team of designers, marketers and technical assistance
    professionals available to help you with your website needs.  


 If you like all those precedences why don't you leave a comment containing your name and phone number and the CSI WebTech committe would be gladly to help you create your professional website. 

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▣ Computer Repair & Network Services

posted by Gene Finley on June 4th, 2009 at 3:32 PM

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Computer Repair & Network Services

CSI Tech provides an array of services to cover all your computer needs. To talk to one of our Service Managers and get some consultation regarding your issue, please call our office and set up a service ticket.

If you need immediate computer services and repair, you have come to the right place. You can call five days a week to request an onsite CSI Tech and we will be at your doorstep often the same day you call.

If you need immediate telephone computer, network or firewall tech support for wired or wireless installation and cannot get help from your ISP or your system builder. We can help.


If you need your computer to be fixed or you have internet service problem.  Leave a comment and the CSI WebTech would repsond to your annotation no later than a day!

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▣ General Information

posted by Gene Finley on June 4th, 2009 at 12:16 PM

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General Information

  •  Who can attend?
    The following training sessions are available for attendance by the general public
  • How to Register?
    If you are interested in attending any of the training sessions listed below, please call our office at 662-335-2060 or email Training Coordinator at info@compusystemsinc.biz.
  • Where is the location of the training lab?
    All of the training sessions that are scheduled will be held in CompuSystems, Incorporated Corporate office, IT training facility Labs, Greenville MS.
  • One-On-One Training:
    If there is business and/or software training that you're interested in attending that is not posted on this page, please notify us to set up some one-on-one training or to obtain more information.
  • Pending Lists:
    If there is training scheduled that you would like to attend but conflicts with your schedule, ask to be placed on our 'Pending List.' When new training dates are scheduled, the Pending Lists are used to determine training topics to be scheduled and those users are notified first regarding the upcoming training.

Please note : If you have any questions concerning training, please feel free to contact
Training Coordinator at 662-335-2060
or email info@compusystemsinc.biz .

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